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Volunteering at The Medical Center

When you join the volunteers at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas you make a difference in someone’s life – your own!

And, whether it’s providing a shoulder to lean on or a smile to count on, there are numerous ways to make a difference in someone else’s life, too. Our volunteers provide caring and compassionate service in support of the hospital, its patients, staff and guests. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals who are 55 years and older and willing to share their time and talents to help others.

Most of our volunteers devote 8 hours per week to the hospital. As a member of the volunteer team, you will be placed according to your skills and the current needs of the hospital. Volunteers currently work in these areas:

  • Information desk
  • Gift Shop
  • Registration Aide
  • golf Cart Escorts
  • Popcorn Sales

For more information about volunteer opportunities now available at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas come in today or call (409) 853-5015.

Junior Volunteer Program

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Junior Volunteer Application

Code of Conduct

The Medical Center of Southeast Texas’ Junior Volunteer program offers students the opportunity to explore careers in healthcare, as well as provide service to our hospital and patients. The program has much to offer and provides the opportunity to learn new skills and interests. If you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others, you will enjoy being part of The Medical Center Junior Volunteer Program.

The Medical Center’s Junior Volunteer program is an eight-week program and is open to students ages 15 – 21. Applications must be received no later than May 5 for consideration. A full day orientation is mandatory and is usually held during the first part of June. A parent or legal guardian is strongly encouraged to attend orientation. We require a minimum of 32 volunteer hours throughout the summer per Junior Volunteer.

We strive to make this program as meaningful as possible for Junior Volunteers, and encourage participants to let us know if they are interested in a particular assignment. Every effort will be made to provide volunteer assignments in requested areas. However, skills, schedules and department needs are first considerations in volunteer assignments. New volunteers began their duties as soon as they complete their orientation and testing.

If you have any questions about our program please contact the Volunteer Director at (409) 853-5015.

Our Summer Junior Volunteer Program is highly competitive. We receive many more applications than we have openings. Therefore, the Volunteer Office needs to receive all Junior Volunteer applications no later than May 5 to be considered for the summer program. Click on the link above to download an application.

Thinking of applying to the summer program?

Please complete the Junior Volunteer application form above in full. Also be sure a parent or legal guardian also signs all provided forms. Then attach the following:

  • Report card (must maintain a ‘B’ average or higher) from the Fall or Spring semester
  • Current up –to– date immunization record
  • Copy of picture identification such as driver license or school identification
  • Recommendation letter from a school counselor/teacher, pastor or hospital employee – someone other than a family member
  • Submit completed applications to: The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, Junior Volunteer Program, 2555 Jimmy Johnson Blvd, Port Arthur, TX 77640