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February 20, 2015

First in Southeast Texas Highly Specialized Cardiac Lead Extraction Procedure Performed at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas

PORT ARTHUR, TEXAS – In February, 2015 Dr. Anil K. Goli, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, performed the second highly specialized comprehensive cardiac arrhythmia procedure, known as a Cardiac Lead Extraction in Southeast Texas. This procedure is only being performed by a handful of physicians in the nation.

The procedure involves those individuals who have had a pacemaker, defibrillator or other Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) device implanted just under the skin. These devices have fine electronic wire leads that run from the device, through the patient’s central veins, to the heart. When the device detects an absence of a heartbeat or an irregular heartbeat, it sends an electronic current through the leads into the patient’s heart and shocks it back into regular rhythm. Over time, these leads can break, experience biological changes at the site or have a manufacture recall which will require them to be removed for the safety of the patient.

During the Lead Extraction procedure on Monday, Dr. Goli was able to use the advanced GlideLight™ Laser Sheath —manufactured by Spectranetics® Corporation— to assist him in precisely removing the tissue within the heart so that four leads could be extracted safely. The paths in which the old leads were removed were then used to insert new leads to the patient’s heart. Until recently, removal had to be done by way of high-risk, complex open heart surgery. Now, this minimally invasive procedure is done by only using a local anesthetic and a mild sedative. Patients are usually discharged within two days.

“This procedure is one that is only being conducted at the most advanced Medical Facilities in the nation,” stated Dr. Goli of The Heart & Lung Center of Southeast Texas. “In fact, there are only a small handful of physicians in Houston who have the capability to tackle such specific and difficult cases.” Southeast Texans are fortunate to have Dr. Anil Goli among their neighbors. The Medical Center of Southeast Texas is proud to be able to offer this highly specialized service to our community… right here at home.