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February 18, 2014

Introducing AngioScreen

A ten-minute, non-invasive preventative screening that can save lives and reduce health care cost.

Port Arthur, Texas – The Medical of Southeast Texas will host a ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday, February 18th for the new customized mobile AngioScreen coach. The mobile coach will be parked outside the Heart Center entrance for the ribbon cutting event. Everyone is invited to attend.

The Medical Center is the exclusive provider of the new mobile AngioScreen program. The AngioScreen program places The Medical Center on the cutting edge of workplace wellness by providing revolutionary vascular screenings to employers in the region. The AngioScreen mobile screenings can be brought to the worksite and provide employees with immediate information regarding circulation, risk of heart disease and stroke. Screening will also be held in random locations for members of the community.

If you knew a quick break out of your day could save your life, would you take it? AngioScreen is an easy-to-take, non-invasive screening lasting less than 10 minutes. The painless screening provides participants with immediate information about their circulation, risk of heart disease, stroke and abdominal aorta. Key screenings include an ultrasound of the left and right carotid arteries, an ankle brachial index (ABI) which reads blood pressures in both legs; and a simple EKG which test for arterial fibrillation and an abdominal aorta aneurysm (AAA) scan. Screening participants receive an immediate color printout with results, along with a digital copy on DVD that includes carotid ultrasound images and vital measurements.

Why is AngioScreen important? “It is very important that people take a closer look at their health. It’s the leading cause of death in America and is extremely prevalent in Southeast Texas. Screenings are cost effective and can help prevent catastrophic problems like stroke, ruptured aneurysms or death, says Nidal Buheis, MD., Cardiologist.” The screening gives participants valuable information about their vascular health that can be shared with personal physicians.

The importance of early detection is evident when viewing the statistics. Every 30 seconds an American has a heart attack, and every 45 seconds an American has a stroke. Every hour there are 100 deaths from vascular disease which is the leading cause which is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The carotid arteries (the main arteries in the neck) carry blood to the brain. Narrowing of the carotid arteries increases your risk stroke. 85% of all strokes occur because of plaque in the arteries. Thickening of the liner of the carotid arteries, which is how plaque begins, is correlated with blockages of the heart’s arteries. AngioScreen gives participants immediate results about their carotid artery and circulatory health.