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October 16, 2012

Hold your place online with the free InQuicker online waiting room

Port Arthur, Texas – Tired of spending hours in a stuffy, overcrowded ER waiting room?  The Medical Center of Southeast Texas has the solution – it’s called InQuicker, and it’s reinventing the way we access ER care.
Beginning October 16, 2012 you can hold your place in the emergency room line at, arrive at your projected treatment time at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, and be promptly seen by a healthcare professional using an innovative online service called InQuicker.
“Our patients deserve more respect for their time in the emergency room,” explained Matt Roberts, CEO at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas.  “Once a prospective patient receives a projected treatment time at, he or she can wait at home rather than sitting in the waiting room.  Once they arrive, it’s our commitment to make sure that the patient is promptly seen by a healthcare professional.
InQuicker is not an appointment or reservation service, as the nature of ER triage does not allow for the scheduling of medical treatment. InQuicker estimates treatment time based on facility condition and allows its users to wait in line from the comfort of home, rather than the waiting room.
InQuicker users do not skip the ER wait, nor will they be seen ahead of individuals in the waiting room or impact the waiting times of other visitors. In the event of a projected treatment time delay, InQuicker users are sent real-time notifications via phone call and e-mail so they can keep you waiting at home.
“InQuicker is intended only for individuals with non-life threatening medical conditions,” Roberts added.  “It’s a simple and convenient way for people with busy lives and busy families to conveniently access care for minor medical needs. If you’re in doubt about the severity of your condition, you should always seek immediate care.”
The InQuicker system is designed by the filter search and some keywords that may indicate a life-or limb-threatening medical condition, in addition to a review of a user’s symptoms by a healthcare professional here at The Medical Center. Those indicating life-or limb-threatening medical condition are prompted to dial 911 or go immediately to the nearest emergency room.”
For more information about InQuicker, please visit