November 21, 2022

The Medical Center Names September Sunshine Award Recipient – September 2022

Announcing the Sunshine Award recipient for September 2022 is Vonda Hollingshead, from the Dietary team at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas.

Vonda was nominated by numerous physicians because of her helpfulness and attention to detail. The amount of care she provides by taking care of the doctor's dietary needs has not gone unnoticed and we're glad to award her this month's Sunshine Award. Read on to see what people had to say when nominating Vonda:

“Kindest, hardest working person! Goes out of her way to help all.”

“Vonda takes care of the physicians’ dining room. She is very attentive to the needs of the physicians and is a tireless worker. I strongly recommend her for this award.”

“Vonda works so hard at her job in dietary. She goes above and beyond to keep the doctors lounge clean, food stocked, and having to keep doctors happy which, some days, is very difficult. She handles disgruntled physicians with a smile always! She often is pulled to pass trays on the units and is always smiling, speaks to everyone and the patients love her. She works so hard day in and day out and deserves to be recognized for this!”

“Always smiling and helpful. Asks if we need anything and brings extra sides or dishes if they run out because she knows I really like them!”

“She is always willing to accommodate the physicians in the lounge. She happily gets them whatever they ask for, no matter what time. She is underappreciated by some but still does her job with a smile!”

Sunshine Award September 2022

The Sunshine award exists to help recognize hospital staff members that support nursing staff! Without sunshine, DAISYs wouldn't be able to grow and likewise, nurses at The Medical Center wouldn't be able to do their jobs without so many people that work in the background to make everything possible.